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North Naples Full Rescreen

This was a full rescreen in North Naples off Immokalee Rd. We decided to use Phifer fiberglass screen, not Super Screen, because the framing is older and would not be able to hold up to the high pressure the Super Screen can withhold during high winds. We also had to replace the fasteners that connect the walls of the enclosure to the roof, as they were rusting and failing. This project is normally a 3 day job, but can take longer fasteners and cleaning are needed (at most 5 days).

Phifer fiberglass screen has no warranty (like all other fiberglass screens) and is made in the United States, (Alabama). Phifer is the only company we trust and use for fiberglass screen. This was also a wrapped roof, with each section having just one long piece of screen going from the roof of the house to the front wall of the cage.

As always, we cut and installed each screen separately to maximize the screen’s life and minimize expense for repairs in the future. Give ZW Screen a call today.